Protection Island in the recording studio of Producer / Mixer Jonathan Anderson. Located 1 hour from downtown Vancouver, BC.
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longer recordings list

foxwarren / self titled (mixed)
andy shauf – the Bearer of Bad News (mixed/mastered)
jordan klassen – kindness ep / forgiveness LP / Firing Squad Single/ upcoming LP (produced/mixed/played on)   / Javelin  (mixed/played on)
twin bandit – self titled LP (produced/mixed/played on)
boreal sons – Threadbare and Another You (produced/mixed/played on)
zaac pick –  Constellations and forthcoming LP (produced/mixed/played on)
cassidy waring – various singles (produced/mixed/played on)
field study – mixed forthcoming LP
kris ulrich – mixed forthcoming LP
cassidy mann – mixed  forthcoming LP
the long war – forthcoming LP (produced/mixed/played on)
jennah barry – mixed forthcoming LP (and played a few tiny things)
mike mckenna jr – mixed forthcoming LP
ocie elliott – recorded/mixed
the dawn chorus produced/mixed/played on
sheree plett – red circled heart / road to my family / out under the stars / lights used to shine (produced/mixed/played on)
eisenhauer – time of year (produced/mixed/played on)
rosier – mixed EP
joshua hyslop – produced/mixed/played on Christmas album
in medias res – produced/mixed/played on of what was / it was warm and sunny when we first set out
yes we mystic – mixed some singles
golden ears – produced/mixed/played on misc singles
jonathan inc. – the greatest songs i never wrote / lost:time / things done and left undone / halfway to a better place / waiting for morning (produced/mixed/played on)
darryl Kissick (foxwarren) – mastered LP and mixed 1 songs. Forthcoming LP mixing.
jordan paul – night moon (produced/mixed/played on)
at mission delores – mixed single
adam barnes (mixed)
M.E. Netske (produced/mixed/played on)
Mike Edel – acoustic versions (mixed and producer/recorded/played on 1 track)
reichenbach falls (mixed)
willolux – (produced/mixed/played on)
the kwerks (produced/mixed)
the magician and the gates of love – the singles (produced/mixed/played on)
familia – golden lies (produced/mixed)
hrdwtr (produced/mixed/played on)
we are the city
snoqualmie (mixed)
sanoma (recorded/mixed/played on)
vespur (mastered)
bellwoods (mixed)
layten kramer (mastered)
dream country (ex-fisticuffs)  (some additional tracking/mixed/played on)
heard in the mountains (produced/mixed)
peters & pilgrium – (mixed/played on)
d. fretter
the darien gap  (Karl bassist of Stabilo) (produced/mixed/played on)
pocket orchestra (colin nealis from aidan knight/oh darling)
the Forest Archive (produced/mixed/played on)
Dogwood & Dahlia (mastered)
kirby kriddle (mixed/mastered)
paula toledo – stay awhile (produced/engineered/played on)
lance odegard (produced/mixed/played on)
christopher john (of Stabilo) (produced/mixed/played on)
kayla luky (mixed)
paula justus (produced/mixed/played on)
kensington prairie – captured in still life LP and Healing Tree EP (produced/mixed/played on)
mark walters (produced/mixed/played on)
the translators (produced/mixed/played on)
the burn ins (produced/mixed/played on)
two bicycles (teen daze)
cast (recorded)
katie schaan (mastered)
alexandria maillot  (co-produced 2 songs with Jordan Klassen/recorded/played on)
alea rae (produced/mixed)
carly maicher
stabilo (formerly stabilo boss) EMI/virgin (produced)
morgan cameron ross (of Birds of Wales)  (produced/mixed/played on)
The Kodiak Nightlife (mixed)
birds of wales (recorded parts of/mixed)
kelsey janz (produced/mixed/played on)
FUN 100 7 ich (recorded/mixed)
Ryan Hicks (mixed)
Russ Rosen
timothy (recorded/mixed/played on)
zachary lucky (mixed)
jonathan headley (produced/mixed/played on)
Matt Hutchings
little criminals  (mastered)
ari(el) neufeld (produced/mixed/played on)
Todd James (mixed)
Max Hirtz (recorded/mixed/played on)
jack harlan – Scintilla EP and 2 tracks off Carnival of Mystery (produced/mixed/played on)
ahna phillips (produced/mixed/played on)
jackson gardener (produced/mixed/played on)
matthew mei and you bright minds (produced/mixed/played on)
simon hoskyn (produced/mixed/played on)
keith kitchen (produced/mixed/played on)
silent spring (produced/mixed)
aaron booth (recorded)
joel willoughby – Various albums, singles and eps (produced/mixed/played on)
maplewood lane – self titled LP and followup EP  (produced/mixed/played on)
rooney and the minglers
jay arner (mastering)
crystal arnold (produced/mixed/played on)
do tell (mixed)
francis cheer (mixed)
devan christodolou
peter lagrand (mixed)
ordinary time (recorded)
welkin (recorded/mixed/played on)
alec arnold (mixed/mastered)
mary ancheta (produced/mixed/played on)
sara ciantar (produced/mixed/played on)
stephen hedley (played on/recorded)
viv savage (produced/mixed)
hinterland (produced/mixed/played on)
NORTH ATLANTIC EXPLORERS (produced/mixed/played on)
dawntreader (produced/mixed/played on)
steve watts (of IMR) (produced/mixed/played on)
the trembling spheres (produced/played on)
sleep holiday
nate torium (produced/mixed/played on)
the black tories (produced/mixed/played on)
ezra kwizera (produced/mixed/played on)
Ken Beattie (produced/mixed/played on)
ben labelle (produced/mixed/played on)
tearlighter (produced/mixed/played on)
marq desouza
runner (produced/mixed/played on)
trainsleeper (mixed)
fun family phonics
just off hastings
julie dubois
swank o’hara
mike derrick
squidgerino squelcher (produced/mixed/played on)
rachelle kostelyk (produced/mixed/played on)
liza jane
ryan cadamia (produced/mixed/played on)
ken and tracy rahn (produced/mixed/played on)
the quiet numbers
joseph delamar
edmund (mixed)
bible belts
kristina emmott (produced/mixed/played on)
the revelators
james klassen
tailor island
chad flinn
ryan worsley