1978 guild starfire 6 (semi hollowbody w/bisby)
Lemky 335 style hollowbody with p90s
rickenbacker 12 string (80’s)
kay swingmaster hollowbody (50’s)
Kay value leader solidbody (50’s) w/ rubber bridge
harmony stratotone H45 (50’s)
gretsch baritone guitar w/bigsby
danelectro U2
fender tele (80’s)
fender strat – modded by Master Lemky to “pintocaster” w. Teisco neck PU and mosrite bridge
PU (MIJ 90’s)
fender jazzmaster (newish MIM)
baldwin 706V hollow body with Bigsby (late 60’s)
gibson J50 (1963)
90’s mahogany larrivee
2020 mohagany guild parlour guitar
30’s parlour guitar
60’s harmony tenor guitar
hi-strung old guitar
nylon string guitar
goldtone 5-string banjo
electric-acoustic mandolin
carter starter pedalsteel
60’s lapsteels


50’s style Road worn Fender P-bass w/ flats
Fender Jazz Bass w/ flats
epiphone viola bass w/ flats
Beyer Upright Bass


fender super reverb amp (70’s silverface) modded to blackface specs.
fender vibro champ amp (70’s silverface)
fender deluxe (64 blackface)
fender blues jr (reissue with jensen c12 spkr and tonestack mod)
ampeg B15S tube amp (70’s fliptop tube bass amp) w/ 1×15 cab
ampeg v4 head (tube guitar/bass head) w/ 1×12 Aguilar cab
Vox ac30 (Korg era)
vox pathfinder
(and a few others on loan … BF bandmaster / Bassman and a Filmosound amp)


Geo. H Way 22″ kick
Vintage Ludwig 13″ rack tom and 16″ floor tom
pearl export series kit 22/10/14
60’s pearl kit “richard parker” tiger stripe luan kit

snare drums

ludwig supraphonic
ludwig deep bronze
olympic 70’s sparkly wood
60’s slingerland silver sparkle
60’s ludwig pioneer
60’s slingerland brass
60’s pearl tiger
60’s super deep Olympic wooden


K 16 hihats
K custom dark 22 ride
vintage A 18 crash
dream bliss crash ride
various weird old hats and cymbals and more


tc viscous vibe
zvex: SHO / fuzz factory
lovetone les luis
fairfield barbershop
fairfield shallow water K-Field Simulator
sansamp classic
crowther hotcake
Mutron III+
Realistic reverb
Supro Drive
union and transistor More
chase bliss preamp MKII
chase bliss Blooper
chase bliss Thermae
strymon: deco / flint
dr scientist bit quest
rainger fx reverb-x
Meris: Mercury 7 / Polymoon
mxr: vintage phase 90, dynacomp, dist plus eq, carbon copy, vintage rat
line 6 delay modeler
vintage boss CE1 chorus/vibrato
digitech pds 1002 delay
dod analog delay
ernie ball volume pedal
goodrich volume pedal
electro harmonix: pog II / big muff / deluxe memory man
behringer vibrato
Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets


wurlitzer 200A electric piano
early 70’s fender rhodes seventy-three
hammond a-100 and leslie 710
mellotron M4000d mini
Yamaha U1
100 year old Heintzman upright piano
galanti organ w/leslie
pump organ
logan string synth
roland juno 60
kork MS20 mini
behringer model D (mini moog)
raven piano bass
casio MT100
mini keyboards (realistic concertmate, omnichord, casio sk1, music major, rhythmic8)
oxygen49 midi controller for samples (mellotrons, optigans, synths and misc other stuff)


vintage vibraphone
hammered dulcimer
radial x-amp (reamp)
sansamp classic
boss dr. sample
roland rhythm 77 drum machine
lots of percussion
wood blocks
tambourines – 8!
jingle bells
kalimba w/pickup
goat nails etc
128 button accordian (currently DOA)
hohner melodica (x2)
2 xylophones
wind chimes
indian flute

recording equipment


AEA N22 active ribbon
Atm 25
Akg 414 b-uls (2)
Akg D12E
Akg 460 (2) with Audio Upgrades Mods
Akg D224
Bock Audio iFet
Beyer M160 hyper cardoid ribbon
Beyer 201 (1 working, 1 broken)
Coles 4038 (x2)
Lawson L47 (large diaphragm tube condenser modeled after Neumann U47)
Microtech Gefell UM70 (Vintage)
Neumann U87 (Vintage)
Peluso P12 (multipattern Tube Condenser modeled after C12)
Peluso P49 (multipattern Tube Condenser. modeled after M49)
Sennheiser 421 (3)
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser E602
Shure SM7b (2)
Shure 57 (4)
Soyuz SU-O13 (2)
Soyuz SU-017 Tube
audix i5
ev 635
ev RE20
ev RE11
Stapes omni condenser
realistic pzm (x2)
flea market cheapie mics (SEARS, GE…)


API 550B (x2) Parametric EQ
Purple Odd Eq (x2)
Purple Tav Eq
CAPI BT50 (Api 550a style)
Chandler Germanium Tone Control (x2)
Harrison 32 EG
Moog “the ladder” step filter
Xqp D-Esser
LouderThanLiftoff Silver Bullet Baxandall style Eq
Standard Audio Stretch


Masteroom XL-305 Stereo Spring Reverb
Roland 201 Space Echo
Echoplex EP3 tape echo
vantage analog echo
Alesis wedge
Line 6 delay modeler
Sansamp Classic
loads of pedals – vintage and new


Soundcraft Ghost 24LE 24
24 mic pres and sweepable eqs
4 stereo busses
6 aux sends

outboard mic pres

Chandler TG2 – 2 channels (EMI/Abbey Road Special Edition)
Chandler TG2 500
Chandler Germanium 500 x2
CAPI Heider 312
Electrodyne 501
Sage SE-Pre1 x2
Great River 1MV
Vintech Dual 1272 – 2 channels
Universal Audio Solo 610 x2
Focusrite ISA 428 – 4 channels
LouderThanLiftoff Silver Bullet x2
LouderThanLiftoff Chroma w/ Royal Blue and Pentode Modules


Dramastic Obsidian
Highland Dynamics BG2 Tube Limiters (x2)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (with the brit mode)
Empirical Labs UBK FATSO (stereo tape emulator/compressor)
Mohog 76 (vintage 1176 clone)  (x2)
Anthony Demeria Labs C/L 1000 (LA2A style opto mono comp)
standard audio level-or MKII
ART Pro VLA II – 2 channel tube levelling amplifier (opto compressor)
Radial Komit 500 series Diode Bridge Compressor


Iz Technology RADAR V with nyquist converters
Burl Mothership w/ BAD8
Cubase Pro11
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor  w/32 gb ram. too many plugins
RME Raydat interface
Otari 50/50 2 track ¼ inch tape machine
Rascal Audio Tonebuss Summing Mixer
LouderThanLiftoff Silver Bullet

virtual instruments

Arturia V4 Collection
Native Instruments Komplete 8
Mtron Pro (with expansions)
and various other weird synths and drum machine samples
Bunch of IK multimedia stuff and some Spitfire


ProAc studio 100s w. KRK sub
Yamaha HS50s
Bryston 4b
Furman HDS headphone system w/ 5 stations.