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Thursday May 21, 2015
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music maker.

I do play a bunch of instruments and have written, recorded and produced a bunch of my own albums so I frequently collaborate with different artists and songwriters and love to contribute musically with my playing where that makes sense. There have been a bunch of albums where a solo artist and I played pretty much everything. That’s fun.It’s also fun to bring in different players and I am fortunate to know a bunch of great ones.

I would usually say that guitar is my main instrument but I have played a lot of different things on albums over the years and still love to do session work for other producers and artists.
I have played various guitars, bass, drums, synths, piano, pedalsteel/lapsteel, trombone, various percussion, hammered dulcimer, uke, mandolin, vibes, banjo, organ, accordion and all sorts of funny little things.

Some projects I have played on:

Great Aunt Ida (How we fly, Our fall, Nuclearize me)
Radiogram (Unbetween, All the way home)
Aidan Knight (Versicolor, Small Reveal)
Said The Whale (Hawaii)
In Medias Res (Of what was, It was warm and sunny when we first set out)
Kensington Prairie (captured in still life)
Kevin House (self titled)
Jack Harlan (carnival of mystery)
Lily Frost (Lunamarium)
Ryan McAllister
North Country Gentlemen

I have had the good fortune to have sat in and played live with a bunch of different groups and artists including: Snailhouse, Julie Doiron, Great Lake Swimmers, Joel RL Phelps and the Secret 3, John Bottomley, Bocephus King…