Thursday May 21, 2015
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I think that I am drawn to recording because of it’s endless possibilities. It’s a moving target and that keeps it interesting. Any new combination of people and ideas will yield different results.

Also, repetition is boring so I am always looking to doing new things or at least work in new ways. The idea of recording every drum set or acoustic guitar the same way is not appealing to me.
Sometimes you just want to blow it up. Sometimes it needs to be tiny. Or blurry. Contrast is key. Without small, there is no BIG. Without dirty, what is clean?

Experimentation and open mindedness are key to the way that I like to work and once it begins, I find that the music inevitably emerges intuitively and becomes it’s own distinct thing. As a producer I just want to help us listen well, follow that intuition and arrive somewhere that’s interesting and hopefully compelling.

Perfection is never the goal. In this era of unlimited tracks and editing capabilities, limitations can be creatively freeing and sometimes are worth self imposing to try and arrive at a new destination.